Product Page - 80. Two Tenors Talk (TT) - Suzanne M. Angevine
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80. Two Tenors Talk (TT) - Suzanne M. Angevine
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This piece is a conversation between two friends. It ranges over a variety of topics, sometimes with agreement or elaboration, sometimes changing the topic, and at the end even changing points of view. There is even heated discussion, and soothing of feelings afterwards. Use articulation to bring out the desired expression. The articulation mark notated as a staccato with a line is meant to be played as a separation from the following note, but not as short as an actual staccato.
— Suzanne M. Angevine
This Members’ Library Edition is made possible by a generous donation from Cathy Roha, who came to music-making and the tenor recorder a decade ago in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now living in Maryland, she commissioned this piece to honor her excellent teachers and delightful duet partners, requesting an accessible score without too many sharps, flats or 16th notes.

Face to face, or rather block to block, a pair of equal recorders have an easy but meaningful chat in this clever duo for players of all skill levels, written especially for the ARS.
-- Glen Shannon