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Ad Title: Denver Baroque Orchestra has an opening
Contact: William T Conklin
City: Denver
State: CO
Zip: 80212
Phone (H): 13034550837
Website: visit our website...
The Highlands Baroque Community Orchestra in North West Denver has played together for 15 years. We are a study group that sight reads a massive amount of literature, we have over 100 boxes of music in our library. We play Saturday Mornings from 10 am to 12:30 pm. We are looking for an intermediate or above musician to join our group. Musicians who can play a violin family instrument (violists must play violin also), a gamba family instrument or a recorder family instrument (must play both "c" and "f" fingering, or a traverso player are welcome to contact us. Bill Conklin:

Ad Title: Recorder Music Library For Sale
I picked up the recorder after college, learned both C and F instruments and acquired mostly inexpensive sopranino
through bass recorders. I enjoyed playing the recorder and putting together small ensembles of converted woodwind
players and other interested parties, which occasionally performed at festivals and at Christmas. I was a member of the
American Recorder Society for a number of years and even went to a workshop one summer.

When I moved to Spartanburg in 1985 I had no luck finding other players and my playing went by the wayside. I had a
modest library of mostly easy and intermediate recorder music for a variety of combinations of instruments that
languished in a closet. Then in 2004 I contracted lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and gave up the horn (my major
instrument). I had always figured when I ‘retired’ (when I could no longer pick up the horn), I would get back to recorder
playing, but my hands are effected. I gave up that idea and sold my instruments.

Recently I reevaluated and I decided I could manage the soprano, just for my own enjoyment, and I bought a new
Yamaha eco-plastic, which is very nice. I remember all the good times I had playing in ensembles but I really need to get
my nice library to someone who can use it and enjoy it. Contact me for more information.

Marilyn Graves Kimple
Spartanburg SC

I have divided the library into lots and priced it very reasonably— titles are listed below. Please add $5 shipping &
handling for media mail, or $10 for USPS Priority Mail. Email me to let me know what you are interested in and I will let
you know what is still available and send an invoice. When I have received your check I will ship the music.

LOT A - Andrew Charlton, The Charlton Method for the Recorder: a manual for the Advanced Recorder Player, University
of Missouri Press, 1981. (new) [make an offer]
LOT 1 – Music for Solo Recorder/ Solo with accompaniment (9 titles) $35
LOT 2 – Music for Two Recorders (11 titles) $25
LOT 3 – Music for Three Recorders (17 titles) $30
LOT 4 – Music for Four and Five Recorders (10 titles) $35
LOT 5 – Methods & Music for Children (11 titles) $25

LOT 1 – Music for Solo Recorder/ Solo with accompaniment
Composer Title Publisher Instrumentation
Corelli, Arcangelo Badinerie Consort CM1010 solo alto & piano
Handel, G.F. Sonatas for Recorder & Piano (Urtext) Edition Peters No. 4552 solo alto & piano
Hotteterre, Jacques Echos Schott London RMS 110 solo alto (treble)
Loeillet, Jean Baptiste Sonata in F Major (ed. Brueggen) Hargail BRS-4 solo alto & piano
Poser, Hans Sonatina, Op 36/II Edition Sikorski Nr. 382 solo alto & piano
Reichenthal, Eugene, arr. Telemann for Recorder and Guitar Marks/Belwin M865 solo descant &
Rooda, G. 95 Dexterity Exercises and Dances for
Recorders in C
Hargail HRW 3 studies
Telemann Six Fantasias (ed. Brueggen) Hargail BRS-1 solo alto
19 Small Pieces from a Book of 1740 Kalmus Recorder Series 9048 solo descant

LOT 2 – Music for Two Recorders
Composer Title Publisher Instrumentation
Axworthy, Thomas, ed. Duets from the Middle Ages Afor RCE No. 31 duet
Cooke, Arnold Six Duets Moeck Zeitschrift für Spielmusik 466 duet
Corelli, A. Duets Hargail H-66 duet
Degan, Dietz Froeliche Jagd for one and two recorders
Bärenreiter Ausgabe 1293 solo & duet
Doflein, Erich, ed. Easy Duets from an old Duet Book
(circa 1740)
Baerenreiter 862 duet
Evans/Wollitz, ed. Seven Renaissance Bicinia Consort CM1012 duet
Frescobaldi, Girolamo Five Canzonas London Pro Musica GF4 duet & piano
Hedrick, Peter, ed. Three Thirteen-Century Dances Consort CM1034 duet &
Owen, Angela M. Villancicos; Spanish Songs from the Cancionero de Uppsala
Anfor RCE No. 29 duet
Telemann, G.P. Six Canonic Sonatas Hargail E. Newman 500 duet
Baroque Trio PIeces Kalmus Recorder Series duet & piano

LOT 3 – Music for Three Recorders
Composer Title Publisher
Bartok Recorder Music I EMB Z. 2786
Bartok Recorder Music II EMB Z. 3331
Bartok/Kodaly Hungarian Melodies & Dances EMB Z. 3631
Cannell, John, ed. Four Early Tudor Trios Schott London RMS 486
Cowell, Sidney Robertson, ed. Early American Spirituals (Southern Harmony)
ARS Editions 10
Davenport, LaNoue Six American Folk Songs ARS Editions 3
Gastoldi/Marenzio Sieben Ballette/Zwei Vallanellen Moeck Zeitschrift für Spielmusik 33
Hotteterre, Jean Overture (Le Festin) Dolmetsch
Katz. Erich, arr. Elizabethan Trios Anfor RCE No. 3
Katz. Erich, arr. Music of the Baroque Marks/Belwin M406
Katz. Erich, arr. Music of the Renaissance Marks/Belwin M407
Kodaly Recorder Music II EMB Z. 3333
Kodaly Recorder Music III EMB Z. 3334
Matousek, Lukas, ed. Czech Music of the 15th Century Moeck Zeitschrift für Spielmusik 392
Regnart, Jacob Six Lively Airs ARS Editions 12
Schein, Johann Herman Three Canzonettas ARS Editions 15
Tallis, Thomas Three Liturgical Settings ARS Editions 30

LOT 4 – Music for Four and Five Recorders
Composer Title Publisher
Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg Enigmas, Canons & Fugues Anfor RCE No. 22
Caroubel-Praetorius French Dances in five parts Edition Moeck Nr. 3606
Gervaise, Claude Quart Livre de Danceries (1550) London Pro Musica AD4
Giesbert, F. J., ed. Ein Altes Spielbuch Vol. 1 Schott ED 2439 (2 scores)
Giesbert, F. J., ed. Ein Altes Spielbuch Vol 2 Schott ED 2440 (2 scores)
Graves, John Suite for Four Recorders Schott London 10 348
Kitamika, Fumio, ed. Recorder Quartets Vol. 4: Baroque Music
Praetorius, Michael French Dances, First Series Edition Moeck Nr. 3607
Susato, Tielman Dances (1551), vol. 1 (2 scores) Schott ED 2435
Susato, Tielman Dances (1551), vol. 2 (2 scores) Schott ED 2436

LOT 5 – Methods & Music for Children
Composer Title Publisher Instrumentation
Bergman, Walter First Trios for Soprano Recorders Hargail H-138 trio
Bergmann, Walter Pat-A-Pan Hargail H-102 duet & Orff Instruments
El-Ruheibany, Nuri Musical Voyage through Seven Countries
A. Leduc, parts soprano or tenor and Orff instruments
Feldstein, Sandy Yamaha Recorder Student, Book 1 Albred 3900 methods & studies
Nash, Grace & Ralph Chamber Music for Tonebar
Instruments and Recorder
Nash K-925 recorders & Orff instruments
Nitka, Arthur one*two*three*play! American Folk
Songs for one, two, three, or more recorders including optional autoharp/ guitar/ piano ad lib accompaniment
Anfor ASL No. 14 duet
Rosenberg, Steve Recorder Playing Boosey & Hawkes methods & studies
Sanvoisin, Michel The Learn & Play Recorder Book, Book 2
Heugel JA 4 solo descant with accompaniment
Music for Three Recorders for Classroom Use (SSA) Book one
Empire Music Publishers
Recorder Music for Beginners Editio Musica Budapest Z. 7888 solo & accompaniment
Take Your Partner; selected pieces for descant & treble recorders
Cramer/ Belwin Mills duet