Product Page - 78. St. Augustine Rag (SATB) - William Ruthenberg
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78. St. Augustine Rag (SATB) - William Ruthenberg
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It sure is a toe tapper, and we get a lot of response from it. I guess people don’t expect that kind of music coming from recorders.
-- Bill Ruthenberg

Recorders playing ragtime is a lot of fun! Peaking in popularity in the 20 years between 1890 and 1910, its distinctive chromatics and syncopated rhythms elevate the spirit and keep our recorder fingers nimble.
 — Glen Shannon

This Members’ Library Edition was made possible by a generous donation from The Hole in the Wall Gang, a “manically eclectic” (but mainly early music) group based in the Washington, DC, area. The current members dedicate this piece to their friend, mentor, perpetrator, and first leader, Suzana Cooper.