Product Page - 76. Umulan o Umuraw/Rain or Shine (SATB) - Jaymar Joshua Calayag
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76. Umulan o Umuraw/Rain or Shine (SATB) - Jaymar Joshua Calayag
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Composer’s notes: The title “Umulan o Umaraw” is in the Tagalog language and translates
as “Rain or Shine”, a local saying meaning that one experiences both pleasure and gloom in
life. The sonata contains 3 movements where you can feel the changes between minor key
(Rain) to major key (Shine). It tells a story that our life is not all about just joy or just sorrow,
but combinations of them. We may have struggles right now, but sooner or later we will get
through it, knowing that there are yet more challenges waiting for us ahead. Informed by
our past experiences, we may handle our future ones better. The 2nd movement, Andante,
featured in this edition, describes the sorrow and unease upon witnessing the destruction left
by a heavy rain or bad storm, all too common in the Philippines.

Editor's notes: Two metrical divisions overlap in this gently undulating middle movement of a larger work. Separate parts as well as playalong recordings with one part missing are available for ARS members at — Glen Shannon