Product Page - 75. Tham-ma-rong (SATB) - Sikharin Dit-em
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75. Tham-ma-rong (SATB) - Sikharin Dit-em
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Composer’s notes: The music was inspired by the sound of a traditional instrument of the
region called the “khene” which is a reed mouth organ related to the harmonica, resembling
two vertical rows of bamboo pipes girdled by an ocarina. The khene is popular in the northeastern Isan region of Thailand and neighboring Laos, with unique sounds and textures.
See an example of it being played here:
The concept of the story is chatter around wedding plans in Isan. People are very busy with
preparations for the wedding, but the most important thing is the ring (tham-ma-rong).
The music portrays conversations among relatives on both sides, each having its own
sequences of melodies. As a Thai native I would like to present our beautiful Thai music to the world, and I hope audiences will be interested in Thai culture.

Editor's notes: The Thai countryside comes to life in this delightful wedding story told through music. It’s easy to imagine floating down the Mekong River in a boat strewn with flowers, and magical energy is in the fragrant air. Separate parts as well as playalong recordings with one part missing are available for ARS members at
— Glen Shannon