Product Page - 69. Breeze (4 - 6 recorders (Basses and Great Bass) - Philip Goudour
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69. Breeze (4 - 6 recorders (Basses and Great Bass) - Philip Goudour
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Breeze is a shortened version of my composition Wind, specially arranged for ARS members. This piece is written for quintet or sextet of recorders (Basses and Great Bass). As the name suggests, this work creates the sound of wind. To do this, it uses a few very simple techniques: 7th chords tied to a pedal tone, flowing in an ascending or descending chromatic scale, inserted into a frenetic rhythm of triplets. The musical mystery created engulfs the players in a delightful torrent of air!
-- Philippe Goudour

This piece is addicting once you master the triple-tonguing. Chromatic lines undulate gently above a syncopated beat in this frantic scene with hypnotic imagery. The low sound of an all-basses ensemble is particularly attractive. A recording of a live performance by the composer is available on YouTube. Also be sure to check out the longer original, Wind.
-- Glen Shannon