Product Page - 65. Ascendance (SATB) - Bruce Sankey
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65. Ascendance (SATB) - Bruce Sankey
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Composer's Note: 
A light touch is necessary here, to allow scope for dynamic movement within the piece. Notes in the descending intervals should be slightly shortened to enhance the step-wise influence. Similarly, repeated bass notes should be shortened and played lightly so that they blend into the musical structure rather than dominate it. I would suggest that the challenge for most players is not technical difficulty, but rather to reflect an “ascendance” as the piece progresses — not in a linear fashion, but rather in waves that ebb and flow in an ascending manner.
-- Bruce Sankey

Editor's Note:
Gentle, calming swells of easy-flowing music remind us that recorder compositions do not need to be technically difficult in order to succeed. The opportunity to bring beauty to ourselves and others is a rich source of joy that all recorder players cherish, especially when it’s well within our comfortable playing level. Indeed, the ease of the notes invites greater musicality, for without major technical obstacles, the road is clear to focus on more expressive playing.
-- Glen Shannon, Editor