Product Page - 62. Many Recorders Playing with Class (GNSATBGbCb) - Bradford Wright
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62. Many Recorders Playing with Class (GNSATBGbCb) - Bradford Wright
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This duet, wherein every size of recorder from Garklein to Contrabass is employed, is not only delightfully entertaining but also serves as an educational tool introducing schoolchildren to the full gamut of the recorder family.

Bradford B. Wright is a Ph.D. chemist and patent agent living in Woodbury, Minnesota, where he studied recorder for over 20 years with Cléa Galhano. Sometime around 2014 he decided to take up composition, studying with Dr. Peter Arnstein at the St. Paul Conservatory of Music. He writes for many instruments, but states that he is most comfortable with recorder. Mr. Wright plays with several amateur recorder ensembles, and enjoys giving recorder demonstrations in schools, which is how Many Recorders Playing with Class came to be.

An extroverted mood is essential to a successful performance of this piece, though indeed the frequent instrument changes and requisite pre-staging of instruments prior to starting the performance provide built-in entertainment value for the audience.