Product Page - 60. Nottasonata No. 1 (SATB) - Daniel Thrower
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60. Nottasonata No. 1 (SATB) - Daniel Thrower
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With madcap levity, this piece is like a soundtrack to happiness. Each part has a wittiness of its own, providing side commentary and friendly ribbing. The overall difficulty level is just demanding enough to keep all players engaged at any tempo. Dr. Daniel Thrower is an international award-winning composer, Cannonball Performing Artist, trumpeter and educator. He received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Arizona State University in 2007 under David Hickman, and has taught at Brigham Young University, Brigham Young University-Idaho, The University of Texas at San Antonio, The College of Eastern Utah, Utah Valley University, as well as an online music course for Utah State University. He is the author of a 15-volume trumpet method titled “Comprehensive Trumpet Skills.” Some volumes are completed and available upon request at He performs with the Castle Recorder Consort, a quartet affiliated with the College of Eastern Utah, and publishes his work under the name Gilded Music Press,

—Glen Shannon

Composer’s note: This cute little composition started out as a simple example of sonata form for a Music Appreciation class I was teaching at the College of Eastern Utah. The title was originally “Sonata No. 1” and the Soprano part was the entire composition. I decided to harmonize the piece for the Castle Recorder Consort. Russell Wilson, the leader of the Consort, observed, “It’s not a sonata,” at least not in terms of featuring a solo instrument in a multi-movement chamber piece. So “Nottasonata” was quickly made the permanent title (there is also “NottasonataNo. 2”). The whimsical designation is appropriate for this light-hearted quartet with some tongue-in-cheek musical jokes, including unexpected syncopations and harmonic retrogressions.  

—Daniel Thrower