Product Page - 56. Jay's Pyramid Scheme (SATB) by Jay Kreuzer
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56. Jay's Pyramid Scheme (SATB) by Jay Kreuzer
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Technically an étude about intonation, this piece can be considered a real piece of concert music, whether one to a part or recorder orchestra with doubles at the lower octave. (Tuning issues are compounded, of course, in larger groups.) It has a full story arc with conflict and resolution, requiring consensus among the players with regard to the storytelling.

Jay Kreuzer played recorder, harmonica and dulcian, composed music, and enjoyed life as an old San Francisco hippie living along the California coast. He was a member of the Barbary Coast Recorder Orchestra, the San Francisco chapter of the ARS, and was a founding member of the quintet SDQ. He passed away in 2021.

– Glen Shannon, Editor

My dear friend and current ARS Board member Greta Haug-Hryciw did a mini-workshop in 2009 entitled “Tuning Camp.” I offered to write a tuning exercise to be used in her workshop. As I was writing the exercise, it grew into something bigger, and I finally gave it a name. I wrote the whole thing in one sitting, and I hope the ARS membership will like it.

- Jay Kreuzer