Composition -
Agnus Dei
By Daniel Hay 2024
Sn S A A T, T B B Gb Gb, Sn S S A T
“Agnus Dei” is a new piece created especially for the ARS, commissioned by Chaz Warren and composed by Daniel Hay in 2024. The piece is scored for three choirs of five players each. I brought it to the Rocky Recorders Workshop in Denver in April 2024 for the very first reading hot off the press, and it garnered lots of fans in the Denver Recorder Society. Including all repeats and played at a moderate tempo, the performance is just around 5 minutes.

The parts are easily playable by all skill levels (we had three soprano-only newbies at the workshop), the lines are melodic, and there are very few accidentals throughout, in the open key of C/A minor. Harmonies can be intriguing, with several big fuzzy chords in the tutti moments, though overall the sound is very pleasing and consonant, not jarring or angular. (read complete review HERE)
-- Glen Shannon
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