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L'Oiseau bariolé
By Anthony St. Pierre February 2024
A, Piano
'L'Oiseau bariolé' ('The Colorful Bird') is very much in the style of Olivier Messiaen's avian music. Although Messiaen never composed for recorders, his idiom is ideally suited to them.

In the same style, but less technically demanding, is St. Pierre's 'Song of a Siren' (alto recorder & piano), also available from the ARS libraries.

The composer performs on the accompanying recording. Duration: 4:00
-- Anthony St. Pierre
A moody and introspective piece for Alto recorder and piano in one movement, the dialogue has wonderful interplay and snappy banter. Both parts also get solo moments with lots of emotional opportunities. The recorder part has some tricky challenging moments both with rhythms and accidentals. For example a section in 7/8 has the recorder floating off the beat, in between the piano’s steady 8th notes, creating an interesting blurry vignette image. The final note in the recorder part is a low E, an extended technique worth practicing. The composer has devised a solution for this note, by attaching an 8mm thick foam block to the underside of the recorder bell, creating a fixed distance to reliably shade the bell with your leg and lower the F to E. A video of the technique can be found here.
-- Glen Shannon
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