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Personent hodie; a fantasy setting
By Anthony St. Pierre December 2023
Based on a medieval carol for the Feast of the Holy Innocents, Gustav Holst popularized the tune with his setting for unison chorus and organ. The final variation (where the tune is most recognizable) places the alto at the upper end of its range. Reading down an octave however, it may be played on the soprano if preferred. Recording is by the composer. Duration: 2'00"
-- Anthony St. Pierre
This easy trio is a mini-fantasia on a sacred theme published in the 16th century. The composer cleverly disguises the melody which is labeled “c.f.” ("cantus firmus," i.e. "fixed tune") when it appears in each part to fit into different meters, with commentary and decoration in the other parts along the way. Ensemble demands are mostly uncomplicated and a single quick flash of 16th notes toward the end adds sparkle to the Alto line. A fun descent pitting the Alto in 3-against-4 with the Tenor and Bass leads to the hopeful and uplifting final chord. Familiarity with the original tune and the Gustav Holst version will help reveal it in this new version, making it even more fun to play.
-- Glen Shannon
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