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een mentaliteit - PtRM 2024
By Jamie Allen 2022
Frans Brüggen (1934-2014) was known for saying “Blokfluit spelen is een mentaliteit” (“Recorder-playing is a state of mind”), and that a love of the instrument is absolutely essential. This year’s Play-the-Recorder-Month piece is an homage to this great artist, who would have turned 90 years old this year. Brüggen passed down so many gifts to us, and one can find in the piece moments that call for breath control (including messa di voce), beautiful tone, perhaps a little virtuosity, tight ensemble, and other modern techniques. The pitch sequence F-A-Bb-G-G-E appears frequently, derived from the letters in Frans Brüggen’s name. Further, as this is Brüggen’s 90th birthday, and he was the 9th of nine children, the number 9 figures prominently, both melodically and rhythmically. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the American Recorder Society for the honor of writing this piece and, of course, to Frans Brüggen, for his enduring inspiration.

This version of the piece has been edited for the ARS; the full original piece will be available through Lost in Time Press.
-- Jamie Allen
Play-the-Recorder Month and Play-the-Recorder Day grew out of a one-day worldwide event on April 1, 1989, during the 50th anniversary year of the American Recorder Society. Its success caused the ARS to declare an annual celebration starting with Play-the-Recorder Day on March 28, 1992. The single day was later expanded to monthlong activities plus a focus on one day, which have been observed each March since then.

This special music commissioned for Play-the-Recorder Month 2024 is published as a Supplement to the Winter 2023 American Recorder for the members of the American Recorder Society.

This Play-the-Recorder Month Composition is made possible by a generous donation from Nancy Frederick, self-described as “an aging amateur recorder player.” Nancy sponsored the composition because she is fond of the ARS for many reasons. She wishes the ARS to grow yearly and to find and encourage many amateur players. "Playing with other people is a joy."
ARS offers a special video to help with rehearsing and performing this piece. Miyo Aoki performs each of the four voices and conducts.

Play-along audio tracks (one part missing):
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No tenor (you play tenor)
No bass (you play bass)

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