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Suite for Recorders (Weaver's Suite)
By Olive Philomene Endres before 1980
 Arranged By David Fischer 2023
The editor, David W. Fischer, first encountered this piece in 1980 at the ARS Midwest Recorder Workshop. It was in manuscript and in an awkward scroll-like format, but it was an absolutely charming composition. He initially hand-copied it for his own use, and suggested to the composer that it should be shared through the ARS library in order to find a wider audience. She had the idea that it could be published by a regular publisher or that Mr. Fischer might publish it himself for her. They interchanged several letters on the subject, but never reached any agreement. The composer passed away in 1995 without having ever formally copyrighted or published the piece.

The only editorial input has been to provide the second ending in the third movement, Sarabande. This gives a major ending, as was suggested by the composer.
-- David Fischer
A delightful SATB suite with 4 movements: a stately Intrada (“with dignity”), Menuet, Sarabande, and March Giocoso. Each movement has wonderful interplay among the parts, occasional articulation markings like staccato, tenuto, and accents, and some group gestures that require good ensemble communication. The music is in the moderate difficulty category, sits comfortably within each instrument’s range, and very engaging for all parts to play. The Soprano part is mostly in the middle to lower range and could also be played on an Alto reading up the octave, with only one high G, two high F’s and several high E’s. Each movement is just two pages, score only. This is a fun piece for your next playing session!
-- Glen Shannon
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Concert, Non-tonal/Modern, Neo-Renaissance/Baroque/Classical