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Herding Cheetahs
By Bradford Wright July 2023
This is the third piece in a three-part feline roundup, preceded by Herding Kittens and Herding Cats. All three pieces share a common structure and thematic elements and get harder as their titles imply.
-- Bradford Wright
In this third episode of the fun jazzy “feline roundup” duet series, the composer does not hold back: a super-quick first half, with no swing but lots of activity in the upper range of both instruments, gives way to a much slower second half in a laid-back swing - the cheetahs’ naptime, perhaps. Then naptime is over and it’s a return to the fast-paced start, with a zip over to a coda for the ending. Still in four flats, the bass gets one high F, and the alto gets two; both parts have melodic licks that dance up around high D-flats and E-flats. The rhythmic 3+3+2 underpinning in the fast section propels us to the finish line with an assertive final statement. Fun fact: what do you call a group of cheetahs? A coalition.
-- Glen Shannon
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