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Pachyderm Phollies
By Chaz Warren January 2023
B B B Gb
Pachyderm Phollies is a joyful outing for the larger recorders. While not overly taxing technically, this quartal harmony romp requires precise synchronization of the performers, hence the "challenging" rating. The great bass acts as the protagonist in this piece, steering the others towards the music of the Folies Bergère by constantly referencing Offenbach's "Can-Can."
-- Chaz Warren
A clever play on words in the title, this low quartet with three F basses and a great bass in C evokes images of the dancing hippo in a tutu in Disney’s “Fantasia”: big instruments exhibiting lightweight agility. Fast tonguing and pointillistic ensemble are interspersed with lush melodic moments savoring longer notes and intriguing harmonies. Handbell-choir gestures occasionally run up and down through the ensemble, demanding precise timing and security in your place in the lineup as the music ripples through. Cute character instructions like “giocoso” and “scolding” help guide the players in their interpretation, as do the composer’s use of “Solo/Soli” and “ord.” (= ordinary) to show when the players are leading or in the background. Often it’s the three F basses teaming up against the C bass when it gets out of line. An entertaining piece that rewards any who put in the effort!
-- Glen Shannon

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