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Summer Games
By Chaz Warren April 2023
A B B Gb
As an adolescent there was no more joyful time than summer vacation. Such freedom to play "army" or "pirates" with your friends. Ride bikes, shoot baskets, explore, till we flee back to our homes before it gets dark. Summer Games is an attempt to express this joy of youth. The fourth piece of my seasons suite works as a stand-alone piece or part of the suite.
-- Chaz Warren
Chaz Warren's Seasons Suite
Winter Mist
Dawn of Spring
Summer Games
Ah, nostalgia for the days of our youth. Summer vacation was an endless sea of free days that stretched over the horizon, playing kickball till the streetlights came on and you couldn’t judge distance anymore. This quartet brings it all back, exactly as we want to remember it! Set for the unusual instrumentation of ABBG, the piece centers on a pleasing theme presented by the alto and then examined, reconfigured, and finally stated in unison. The composer marks this piece “challenging” but it’s not as crazy difficult as some of his other works. There are scale runs, meter changes, plenty of 3+3+2 rhythmic groupings, and lots of articulation markings that really make a difference when they’re observed. Accidentals are doled out freely as well. All parts stay within the comfortable upper range, and of course the great bass relishes those low notes. The composer helpfully uses “Lead/Solo/Soli” and “ord.” (= ordinary) instructions to help the players know when they are in the foreground and the background. Grab your new Schwinn and hit the road!
-- Glen Shannon

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