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By Chaz Warren March 9, 2023
A B B Gb
A reflective piece with a positive flavor employing both tertian and quartal harmonies. The instrumentation allows the mellow lower range of the alto recorder to be featured as well as some nice moments featuring the bass and great bass recorders. Can function as a stand-alone piece or the first of a suite of four pieces reflecting on the seasons.
-- Chaz Warren
Chaz Warren's Seasons Suite
Winter Mist
Dawn of Spring
Summer Games
Low and slow, this beautiful quartet evokes images of the overcast skies and chilly winds of summer’s departure and winter’s approach. Gentle articulations keep the introspective mood, and all parts take turns as the lead voice. The composer helpfully uses “Solo/Soli” and “ord.”(=ordinary) instructions to tell the players when they are prominent and when they are background. This piece is accessible to intermediate players and is not very technically demanding – but there are long notes and phrases in all parts, so good breathing is essential. Score and parts are provided.
-- Glen Shannon

Performed by the composer:
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No alto - you play alto
No bass 1 - you play bass 1
No bass 2 - you play bass 2
No great bass - you play great bass
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New Music for Recorder, Play-alongs
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Concert, Laid-back/Slow, Recorded Accompaniment