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Wobbly Rag
By Bradford Wright March 2023
A and piano
This is the third in a series of alliterative rags for alto recorder and piano, the first two being "Washboard Rag" and "Worrisome Rag". In this piece, the thematic element from measures 3 and 4 of Washboard Rag is placed at the end to the primary melody. The music is generally quite playable, but there are a fair number of high F's and G's (no high F#'s) and a short chromatic passage making this more suitable for experienced players.
-- Bradford Wright
Lovers of ragtime will enjoy this third offering of a three-part rag series for Alto recorder and piano. The composer marks this rag as “Challenging” with a lot of arpeggiated figures in the highest register of the recorder. Some left-hand-only passages in the piano add drama and focus attention on the recorder’s line, while at other times the right hand joins the recorder with an extended chat of quick notes in canon. Look carefully at the piano part, “no rit.” is buried in there one bar before the end!
-- Glen Shannon
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Social/Casual, Ragtime/Jazz/Blues