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Sonata for Recorder and Piano in D Major (Sa Hardin)
A, piano
The title of this sonata is "Sa Hardin", which is in the Tagalog language and translates as "In the Garden" in English. I composed this sonata to express what I usually feel whenever I'm in our backyard garden, such as the happiness I feel from seeing how beautiful and plentiful my plants are, being surprised by unexpected animal guests like birds, lizards, and/or insects, or feeling tired from all the work being done at the garden.
Movement 1:
In this first movement of the sonata, it is like the start of my day in the garden, happy, excited, and having the energy to visit it, but at the middle part of the music, it will change from major to minor key to show my feeling of sadness or frustration whenever I see something bad happened to my plants upon checking them, like when I noticed that one of my plants have been infested by pests or another plant has been damaged by the cats or other animals. But after that, it will return to major key to show that everything will be fine and that it's normal for those things to happen, and that I should still be thankful for the blessings that I have in my garden.
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Movement 2:
In this second movement of the sonata, it is the time where I do my chores / work in the garden, like planting, cleaning, trimming, harvesting, etc. It also includes the challenges I encounter while I'm in the garden like a spider web got caught in my face, a sudden strong wind pushes me, or if it is rainy season, a rain or storm that hits. These are represented by the minor key in some part of this piece.
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Movement 3:
In this third movement, it is slow to represent the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak, and it is time for us to have a break, we need to eat, rest, and relax from the hard work we did earlier that day.
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Movement 4:
In this last movement, breaktime is done and it is time to return and continue the chores at the garden. It is in fast tempo, presto, to represent the rush, because the sun will set soon and you should be quick to finish all the task you need to be done on that day.
Movement 4 on YouTube
-- Jaymar Joshua Calayag
A beautiful and approachable sonata in 4 movements for alto recorder with piano. The easy technical demands allow players of all levels to flourish in the music. Each movement tells a different segment of a complete story with programmatic representations of elements in the story. Brush up on your C# fingering because it is part of the key signature, and may call for a small amount of finger practice to play certain figures cleanly.
-- Glen Shannon
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Laid-back/Slow, Neo-Renaissance/Baroque/Classical