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Washboard Rag
By Bradford Wright February 2023
A, piano, optional washboard
A lively rag with somewhat unusual harmony. It can be played with or without a washboard (or similar sounding percussion). The melody itself reminds me of a washboard, hence the name. The piano part covers virtually all of its 88-key range without being particularly difficult.
-- Bradford Wright
Also see Worrisome Rag and Wobbly Rag, second and third in a series of three alliterative rags.
Lovers of ragtime will enjoy this new rag for Alto recorder and piano. The technical demands are typical of the genre, especially the familiar syncopated rhythms and accidentals, and fun chords in the keyboard part flesh out the harmonic story. The composer marks this one as “Challenging” due to the fast 16th-notes, but it can also be played at a slower, more stately tempo like many of Scott Joplin’s rags were intended to be.
-- Glen Shannon
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Social/Casual, Concert, Fast/Up-tempo, Ragtime/Jazz/Blues