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Partita on 'Allein Gott in der Hohe sei Ehre'
S A T B (though only three at one time)
Essentially in baroque style, but with some anachronism, this partita (set of variations) is modeled on those by Bach, Böhm, Pachelbel, and other organ composers of the "golden age" of the Lutheran choral. Although SATB recorders are required, no more than three recorders play in any of the four variations. Title translation: 'To God in the Highest Alone be Glory' Duration: 6'30", performed by the Prince Consort.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
A fun and witty set of four 3-part variations on a hymn tune that’s presented alone at the start. All parts fit comfortably on their respective sizes, but get ready for a slow foray into the relative minor key in the third variation. The composer’s humor shines through at every turn, including some harmonic twists, but the relatively light technical demands put these variations solidly in the Intermediate zone. Perfect for a church service, possibly joining with the choir or congregants singing the tune as an intro to the variations.
-- Glen Shannon
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