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The Four Temperaments
By Anthony St. Pierre July 2022
S, A, T, B
These four little essays, all loosely based on 'La Folia,' aim to reflect each of the four temperaments — the sanguine (expressed via the soprano recorder), choleric (alto), melancholic (tenor), and phlegmatic (bass). Further notes are appended to the score. The composer plays on the accompanying recording. Duration: 4'
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Here are 4 brief solos, one each for S, A, T, and B (with optional version for A) that are very loosely based on the Follia. Each has its own unique character, and its own challenges. Dynamics, ornaments and other symbols are used, and uncommon ones are explained in the accompanying notes. At one page per solo, they are nicely laid out and easy to read. The composer recommends playing them in their official order (S, T, B, A) if they are part of a concert program, and also notes that they are great for introducing the standard instrument sizes to a school audience. There is plenty to work on in these solos for everyone at every level of progress!
-- Glen Shannon
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