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Fanfare & Soliloquy for Treble Recorder & Piano
By Keith Terrett April 2007
Alto recorder, Piano
Fanfare & Soliloquy is an outstanding choice for a recital or contest piece for an advanced student/performer of the Treble/Alto Recorder. The rousing Fanfare appears both at the beginning and end of the work, surrounding the lovely tender Soliloquy. While quite dramatic and featuring a few sections of technical challenge for the soloist, the work is also quite short and accessible - and a clear audience-pleaser!

A skilled accompanist would be most helpful given the mixed meters and frequent tempo changes; however, the work would also be a manageable challenge for a young pianist working on his or her accompanying skills!

Overall, the piece helps to fill an important void for the Treble/Alto Recorder repertoire - that of new, original works for the instrument which are accessible for musician and audience alike. Piano score: 6 pages, Treble Recorder part: 2 pages, single sheet.
-- Keith Terrett
This is a very active duo for Alto recorder and piano, for upper intermediate to advanced players at the tempos indicated. The Fanfare is marked “Lively & Joyous” and has fun scalar runs, a mix of different meters, and lots of rhythmic interest in friendly keys for the recorder. In the middle is the “Soliloquy”, a beautiful slower dialogue with the piano, in 5 flats, before the Fanfare returns in the key of C. This is definitely a showy concert piece!
-- Glen Shannon
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