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Neith Variations
By Bradford Wright May 2022
Alto recorder and Piano
A theme and variations for alto recorder and piano. Unlike the most common theme and variations form, the variations mainly focus on sections of the main theme. Note that Variation 5 is a literal restatement of the theme with slightly different harmony. While this piece has lots of notes, it is lazy in character. Neith is the younger brother of Jay (of Jay's Tune, also in the ARS New Music Library).
-- Bradford Wright
Jazzy rhythms and harmonies fill the plate with this piano-alto recorder duo, where lots of fun chromatic licks and blue notes keep the recorder player’s fingers always on the move. This piece would be a great concert opener or Members’ Recital selection, the audience would be very entertained. Since it’s written for a young kid, you can channel your inner child and relax the rules of formal performance protocol while you and your piano pal have fun keeping it fresh.
-- Glen Shannon
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