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Laudate Dominum
By Anthony St. Pierre May 12, 2022
Soprano recorder and mid-range Voice (ie., mezzo-soprano or baritone)
This setting of ‘Laudate Dominum’ (Psalm 117) for mid-range voice and soprano recorder obbligato is, like the Taizé hymn of the same name, based on ‘La Folìa.’ In contrast to the customary version of the tune, the third iteration puts it in the Lydian mode (doh-re-mi-FI-sol-la-ti). There follows immediately a division (subdivided beat) variation for the recorder alone. Duration: 3’30”

The composer performs on the accompanying recording.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Soprano recorder and voice come together to sing a hymn using a melody based on the chords of “La folia”. The composer adds dynamics and articulation markings to help guide the recorder player, and there is one high C and D. After several little mood shifts, both player and singer come together at the end with a harmonized “Alleluia!”
-- Glen Shannon
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