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3 Contorted Yule Carols
By Anthony St. Pierre November 2021
S A or Sn A
These three familiar but "twisted" Christmas carols complement the set of 6 Contorted Yule Carols. Featured here are: 'O Come All Ye Faithful,' 'O Little Town of Bethlehem,' which combines the two well known tunes --Forest Green (UK) and St. Louis (USA), and 'Silent Night.'
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Completing the set of 6 “Contorted Carols”, these three Soprano-Alto duets are easy to play. Occasional surprise harmonies and other funhouse tricks lurk, waiting to entertain players and listeners alike at your holiday house concert. Play along with the included sound files and be sure to check out the composer’s instructions for them.
-- Glen Shannon
The composer has recorded play-along parts for this piece.

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