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Fantasia on a Poem by Tennyson
By Bradford Wright December 2021
This piece was inspired by the poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Lord Tennyson. It begins with a 3-part canon before developing into a jazzier theme. The piece ends with a 3-part canon on a lightly jazzed up inverted version of the opening theme. This explains the piece's subtitle "Canon to left of them, Canon to right of them." It should be playable by intermediate ensembles.
A super fun ATB trio with syncopated jazzy rhythms and harmonies, and a tongue-in-cheek title riffing off the words to the Tennyson poem. Opening and closing sections in three part canons with written-out swing creates a wonderful big-band feel with just the meager forces of a trio. The composer marks the piece as “moderate” difficulty, but newcomers to the jazzy way might want to spend some time getting into the swing. (This reviewer often finds it easier to forego counting and just play by instinct, checking for accuracy later.) Once players are more familiar with the notes and occasional duple-hemiola moments, the real fun begins and you can expect a lot of laughs along the way.
-- Glen Shannon
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