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Siciliana for Two Recorders
By Bradford Wright August 2021
A A or T T (or S S)
This piece is an arrangement of a siciliana for two trumpets. It is a traditional siciliana form that I tried to make equally interesting for both players. While very playable, the top part reaches the upper level of the range, and could be a challenge for beginners; however, the bottom part is quite accessible.
-- Bradford Wright
A fun, plaintive dialogue around the traditional dotted Siciliana rhythm, thoughtfully provided in both F and C recorder versions. Each version is just one page long, so switch parts and repeat! The top part goes up to the high F/C, as the composer mentions, but with practice those notes will speak clearly.
-- Glen Shannon

The composer has provided play-along files for both the alto and tenor version.
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New Music for Recorder, Play-alongs
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Laid-back/Slow, Neo-Renaissance/Baroque/Classical, Recorded Accompaniment