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Four Follicules
By Anthony St. Pierre July 2021
S S (or T T)
Follicule” is my fanciful word for a short and sweet variation on 'La Folìa,' an ancient street dance tune from Spain and Portugal. As the tune accelerated, dancers became dizzy, entering a state of folly — hence folìa. Hundreds of composers have written variations on this tune, or incorporated it within larger works. Among the most famous are Corelli, Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Liszt, and Rachmaninov. 'La Folìa' was included in the soundtrack of the 1991 film, 'Tous les matins du monde,' as well as in 'The Addams Family,' also from 1991.

These four easy variations for two soprano or tenor recorders restrict themselves to a range running from low C to the G above the treble clef staff. Beginners, particularly those with some prior musical experience, who have practiced regularly for six months to a year will find them quite approachable.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Also see "Five Follicules" for alto or other F recorders.
A newly-composed collection of four inventive variations of the famous Folia for two C recorders, provided with historical info about the original melody, and instructional material for playing these variations by the composer. Different moods, keys, and occasional surprise accidentals put the theme into many fun disguises. Articulations, slurs, and ornaments give a lot of variety and interpretive possibilities while increasing the entertainment value.
-- Glen Shannon

The composer has provided a play-along recording. Notes are included with the score.
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