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Kalimba Kyle
By Kass Finlay McAuliffe 2009 Arranged for recorders in 2021
S A T B (or A A T B, or A T T B)
Written for my fleet-footed younger son in 2009, this composition in E-minor was recorded for an instrumental ensemble with the tune being completely in the bass part, seeing as the upper part so often gets to play the tune. However, this arrangement for recorders in 2021 places the melody mainly in the soprano or tenor recorder, with the three other recorders providing a syncopated rhythm. The bass recorder does to get to play the tune in the Coda.
-- Kass Finlay McAuliffe
Carefree (“optional”) swing in the Soprano melody sets the mood for this fun little SATB (or AATB or even ATTB) setting in an easy key. The jazzy melody is mostly in the top line with the lower voices sticking together in off-beat rhythmic support, until the Bass moves back into the foundation on the beat. Easy reading for any intermediate group, the imagery of the composer’s hyperactive son helps spur on a fun interpretation. Add jazzy riffs and other enhancements to the basic chart for a fuller experience.
-- Glen Shannon
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