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Les Extraterrestres
By Anthony St. Pierre May 2020
sn S A T B gtB ctB (two of each)
In 2020, Frances Feldon suggested expanding my trio sTT L’Intersidéral (Outer Space) not only in duration but in instrumental force. The result of her suggestion is Les Extraterrestres (The Space Aliens). The score alludes to space aliens, flying saucers, and ray guns after the manner of mid-20th-century sci-fi movie soundtracks. Fourteen players are required for seven recorder lines ranging from sopranino to F contrabass. At least two players are required on each of the parts. A lively acoustic will enhance a performance.

Duration: 3:45
-- Anthony St. Pierre
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. For recorder orchestras looking for something intermediately challenging, there are some good chromatic bits in the upper voices and lots of slow deliberate vibrato in most parts, but nothing out of reach with some practice. Half-step clashes abound, creating the ethereal “atomic” feel of a spaceship movie from the 1950’s. The concept and execution of this single movement piece for recorder orchestra is lots of fun, and a group with the right attitude will have a most enjoyable time. A perfect piece for the next total solar eclipse across the US in 2024.
-- Glen Shannon
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