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By Kass Finlay McAuliffe 2010 Arranged 2021
S A T B (or other combinations, including A T T B)
Five over Four” was the original title of this piano piece composed in 1974. In 2010 I changed the name, added a dedication and new Chorus and arranged it for a small instrumental ensemble, which this version for SATB recorders retains. The constant movement running in the Verse represents conversation chit-chat, while the more emphatic chords in the Chorus are self-explanatory.
-- Kass Finlay McAuliffe
A fun 2-page melodic swing in 5/4 meter, interrupted by an easy non-swing chorus in 5#’s (E major) to keep your brain and fingers active. The conversational imagery provided by the composer helps shape the interpretation, and everyone gets a little bit of chit-chat in. Surprise chords toward the end add richness without adding difficulty. SATB, can also be played ATTB or even ATBB, as it generally sits low on the Soprano and has a comfortable range in all the parts.
-- Glen Shannon
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