Composition -
Meditation - MLE 72
By Win Bent 2020
Many people think of meditation as a time to clear their thoughts, often using a mantra to focus. The piece presented here is not that type of meditation; rather, this is a piece to collect thoughts, examine them, keep or discard them, and see if the result is valid and complete.
-Win Bent

Sue Roessel generously sponsored this issue’s Members’ Library Edition. Sue has been an ARS member since 1986 and Lifetime member since 2002, also serving on the ARS Board for eight years around 2000. She has always loved the music included with American Recorder and her consorts have played many of them. Sue sponsored a composition with the hope of getting some new music for recorders added to its already rich repertoire. She would like to encourage Win Bent in his pursuit of composition for recorders and congratulates him on the lovely piece he has written.
Slow, introspective and flowing, this quartet is a perfect metaphor for what the human mind craves when emerging from an extended period of social isolation. Lush, occasionally dissonant harmonies and long phrases invite us to reflect inward, and as the composer suggests, collect and examine our thoughts rather than clear them away. The homophonic chord changes gather the players together into one mind, allowing them to sink into the long-awaited joy of making music with friends.
- Glen Shannon
No. of Recorder Parts:
Members' Library Editions, Play-alongs
Date Added:
Laid-back/Slow, Recorded Accompaniment