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Raindrops and Ripples
By Bradford Wright April 2021
S A B (or S A Contrabass, or S A Great Bass)
This is an arrangement of a piece that I wrote for organ (4 ' pipes). I think it actual works better on recorder so I have prepared these arrangements. While the upper parts move right out, they have a lot of repetition which makes playing easier. The melodic theme resides solely in the bass. The pdf contains two versions, one for C-bass and one for F-bass. Generally, the piece portrays a rain shower on a pond.
-- Bradford Wright
This fun trio full of rainshower imagery puts the onus onto the two busy upper players to find practical and tasteful moments to grab breaths in the stream of notes. A well-chosen quick breath here and there should be enough to sustain the lines, and when both parts are running along together, the little gaps wouldn’t be noticed. The repetitive nature of the upper parts can be hypnotic, and are easy finger combinations for the most part as well. Articulations are also left up to the performers. The Bass part has beautiful long tones, and is provided for both F Bass and C Great Bass, taking advantage of those rich low notes available on the C Bass.
-- Glen Shannon
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