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Whimsical Waltz
Whimsical Waltz is a 2 recorder version of Feeling Melancholy which is for 3 recorders. Perhaps because of its somewhat unusual harmonies, Limbs Dance Company selected it to be choreographed and toured around New Zealand in 1981. While I had sent the dance company the audio files to audition, I was still surprised yet very pleased that my music for recorders had actually been chosen.

The link below is to a YouTube video with the 3-recorder with percussion version (inadvertently credited as 'Whimsical Waltz").
-- Kass Finlay McAuliffe
Soprano-Alto duet arrangement of the ATT trio version of the same, “Feeling Melancholy”. Simple and easy rhythms with only the occasional higher note in the Soprano make for a fun first reading. Keep your chromatics handy, as there are lots of accidentals in this jazz/blues sound, but the casual tempo gives plenty of time to work them out if any notes are new. This would be a perfect piece to practice playing Bass reading “at pitch” in treble clef like a big Alto, it stays within the comfortable range for all models of F Bass (with Tenor on the top line to keep the octave relationship the same). Note that the recording has a slightly different ending than the PDF score.
-- Glen Shannon
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