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Riding My Bike
ST or TT and percussion
This short little piece for two recorders with percussion is a cheerful tune about going to a park a few blocks from home. The cheerful arpeggio-based tune interweaves between two players. The extended score for two tenors lacks a percussion part but has an extended middle section for extra variety.
-- Kass Finlay McAuliffe
Easy and carefree music for soprano and tenor, with a simple percussion line. Be sure to have a listen to the recording by the composer, as the percussion is enhanced with extras and little filler riffs. A lot of fun for casual players!

The version scored for two tenors (or altos/basses in C fingering) has a key change and extended middle section. Wonderful and fun music that is satisfying to play without gratuitous difficulty, so it can be shared with all levels of recorder players.
-- Glen Shannon
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