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Willow Waltz
S A A T or S A T B
Willow Waltz is an original composition for 4 recorders, the title track of a small CD of original recorder music as well as the title of the sheet music collection, Willow Waltz: Modern Recorder Music Volume 1. The title comes from the peaceful feeling one gets sitting on the banks of the Avon River in Christchurch, lined with willows whose branches gently move in the breeze. The Avon not only flows through the centre of the city, but it is a stone's throw from the original site of Canterbury University where I completed my Arts degree, and so an easy walk to get to between lectures. This piece was also choreographed and toured by the New Zealand modern dance troupe, Limbs Dance Company, in 1981.

The YouTube link below is to a short video on the St. Andrews Cross Spider where "Willow Waltz" played by the Fipple Flutes Four is used as the background music.
-- Kass Finlay McAuliffe
A very relaxing and enjoyable easy piece scored for SAAT but could also be SATB with the bass reading up the octave in treble clef. If playing tenor on the bottom line, it’s a great opportunity to practice your low C! The simple melody is catchy, and the music flows nicely, just as the title suggests.
-- Glen Shannon
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