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Nicht so traurig
By Anthony St. Pierre 1993/2021
T and organ (manualiter)
Bach did not compose chorale preludes for the recorder. By way of remedy, 'Nicht so traurig' (sung in English to ‘Go to Dark Gethsemane’ during Holy Week) is set here for tenor recorder and organ (single manual) in Bach’s cantilena style. The tenor’s melancholy timbre is particularly apt for the penitential season.

In addition to a recorded performance (duration: 2:20) and play along file, there is a recording of the chorale on which the setting is based.

In similar style, but for alto recorder and organ, are 'Brich an, o schönes Morgenlicht' (Christmas), and 'Jesu, meine Zuversicht' (Easter). These are also in the ARS libraries and include play along accompaniments.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
A beautiful and approachable solo for Tenor recorder with organ accompaniment, based on a Lutheran chorale. The composer closely parallels Bach in affect but remains completely original in both the solo and keyboard parts. Familiarity with Bach’s ornaments will go a long way toward an effortless performance, but of course a convincing simplification will be just as pleasing to play. The low sound of a Tenor is particularly suitable to the interplay with the keyboard.
-- Glen Shannon
Play Along Instructions
Listen to the performance recording as you follow the score. A count of four beats precedes the organ accompaniment on the play along mp3. For those who are interested, a recording of the chorale on which the setting is based is included.
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