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Walking with Gordon Jacob
By Fulvio Caldini 2020
S A, or T B
Composed for ARS Members and published in American Recorder Magazine's Spring 2021 issue.

"I wrote this short work because I felt the desire to thank American Recorder magazine, especially Suzanne Ferguson and Gail Nickless... The title of this composition includes the name of Gordon Jacob.... because I have been playing and respecting his music for many years. I have performed his music extensively in concerts, and I would like to remember him in this way. When I was composing this work for two recorders, I felt as if Gordon Jacob's music were accompanying me, with its clear ideas and transparency. Simplicity is one of the reasons I like his music so much, and find it extremely enjoyable for listeners and players." - Fulvio Caldini

Note: The prolific composer Gordon Jacob (1895-1984) wrote or arranged over 700 works, ranging from solo piccolo to full orchestra. Several pieces draw on either early music sources or folk songs.
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All parts played by Glen Shannon
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