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The nightingale so pleasant and so gay
By William Byrd (c.1540-1623)
How can you resist Byrd on birds? This charming song in three parts is from the 1589 collection Songs of Sundrie Natures. The text, which is included in the score, speaks to the pain of love, but the tune is bright. The three vocal parts are labeled “superius,” “tenor” and “bassus,” and may be effectively played by soprano, alto up the octave, and tenor respectively. The parts include multiple versions of the bottom two parts in different clefs, so select with care. Observe the ficta, and listen for imitation between the parts.
-- Anne Timberlake
Play-along files recorded by Anne Timberlake, supported by a grant from the Recorder Artist Relief Fund. This piece includes parts in multiple clefs.

Listen to all parts
No soprano - you play soprano
No alto - you play alto
No tenor - you play tenor
No. of Recorder Parts: 3
Difficulty: Moderate
Occasion: Any
Libraries: Play-alongs
Date Added: 01/19/2021
Style: Recorded Accompaniment, Renaissance/Baroque/Classical