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Alleluia, from Exultate, jubilate K.165
By W. A. Mozart (1756-1791)
 Arranged By Herbert Strauss Gardner
 S A T T B
W.A. Mozart was a prolific composer of the Classical Era with over 600 surviving works.  The “Alleluia” is the fourth movement from a larger work, Exsultate, jubilate.  The work, while religious in subject is rarely performed in a liturgical setting, the “Alleluia” being most often performed. 
Performance Notes -- These recordings were made on baroque-style instruments.  Aim for a slight stress on the first note of a slur-two figure.  Keep the staccato articulations light and never “pecky.”

Tempo: quarter= 120
Pitch: A=440
Instrumentation: SATTB
Difficulty: Moderate
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This score was re-engraved to correct errors and generate parts as legally allowed under Creative Commons Licensing

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-- Kelly Kazik
Play-along files recorded by Kelly Kazik, supported by a grant from the Recorder Artist Relief Fund.

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