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Dumbarton's Drums
By Francesco Barsanti (1690-1772)
 Arranged By Jennifer Carpenter
Many recorder players know Francesco Barsanti, an Italian composer who lived for a while in Scotland, for his collection of recorder sonatas. But while he was living in Scotland, he collected a number of Scottish folk tunes and published them with a continuo/bass part added. Following the folk tradition of improvising harmonic lines around the melody, this arrangement has a a newly added tenor line.
This piece is arranged for Alto, Tenor, and Bass recorders. The melody is slow and beautiful:  BPM = 66. You will hear a 4-beat click track count in (1 full measure) for the Tenor and Bass recorders. The Alto recorder comes in after 3 beats to play the pick-up notes. All repeats are taken. Once you are familiar with the melody, consider adding your own ornaments. With this music, you can add trills, grace notes, or even change the rhythm (think of adding some Scottish snaps to regular 8th notes!).
                                                                          -- Jennifer Carpenter
Play-along files recorded by Jennifer Carpenter, supported by a grant from the Recorder Artist Relief Fund.

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