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Stroll, from Wanderlust Quartet
By Glen Shannon March 2001
This quartet was written in March 2001 specifically for the 7th Biennial Composition Competition sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the American Recorder Society, and won FIRST PRIZE. The name “Wanderlust” grew from the titles of the first two movements, which describe motion from one place to another.

The music is designed to be moderately easy to sight-read by intermediate players. Slurs are to be played as “real” slurs, they are not merely phrase indicators. Phrases are marked with breath marks in some spots. Ornamentation, of course, is up to the player’s taste and discretion.

The “Stroll” should be played sempre legato, and the dotted-eighth figures might be played more like “swung” 8ths or even lazy triplets. Bar 52, “with more drive” could mean an increase in intensity or even a slight increase in tempo. How to convey “more drive” is up to you, as long as you relax where it says to relax!

To purchase the whole piece including two other movements, ($15 + shipping), click here:!/Quartet-No-2-in-A-minor-Wanderlust/p/216983003/category=54914080
-- Glen Shannon
Play-along files recorded by Glen Shannon, supported by a grant from the Recorder Artist Relief Fund.

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