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Life is beautiful (Ubomi bumnandi)
By Sören Sieg
This duet for tenor and bass recorder is my favorite piece from the Umlanjana collection by Sören Sieg. I love the flowing rhythm in the bass part  which provides a cool platform for the tenor line. You can imagine yourself in your favorite place and enjoy your swingy time with your recorder. In one bar there is also nice frullato (flutter tongue) in the tenor part but you can also experiment with other techniques like glissando or vibrato.
-- Jitka Konečná
Play-along files recorded by Jitka Konečná, supported by a grant from the Recorder Artist Relief Fund.  The score for Life is Beautiful is used by permission of the composer, Sören Sieg, and is from his collection of duets, Umlanjana, which can be purchased HERE.

Listen to all parts
No tenor - you play tenor
No bass - you play bass
No. of Recorder Parts: 2
Difficulty: Very Challenging
Occasion: Any
Libraries: New Music for Recorder, Play-alongs
Date Added: 12/09/2020
Style: Recorded Accompaniment