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Pavan - Denise Levertov in memoriam
By Roy Sansom
My Pavan was written after I was surprised to hear of the death of one of my favorite poets, Denise Levertov.

I was attending a Christmas Eve service at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Boston. (My other half sings there and I feel at home there since I have played every Bach Cantata that has recorder parts with the orchestra and chorus there, most more than a few times, for over three decades.) The Pastor dedicated the Eucharist to Denise Levertov, who had been a parishioner there. The surprise of her death and of her having been a part of that community moved me to take communion, something I don’t normally do, being a non-believer.  Soon after I wrote the Pavan in the style of Holborne.

The piece begins with the top part slowly ascending an octave. This is reflected in the bass past a few measures later at twice the speed. Up and down scales, some over an octave are woven into the entire piece and the opening motive is repeated a couple of times in the soprano part near the end. I am especially proud of the very opening with its piquant dissonances. 
I hope you enjoy it!
-- Roy Sansom
Play-along files synthesized and contributed by Roy Sansom.  Accompaniments are at 8' pitch, so the top line will sound best on tenor, second line on bass, etc. if available.

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No tenor 1 - you play tenor 1
No tenor 2- you play tenor 2
No bass - you play bass

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