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Lachrimae (solitudinis)
By Roy Sansom (after John Dowland)
I composed my version of the famous Dowland song, “Flow My Tears” using the great Dowland five part versions as models. (See Anne Timberlake’s transcription of Lachrimae Coactae) I do not fancy myself the equal of John Dowland, but I like my version. It pretty much follows the model. The tune is in the top part. I made my version to contain a high level of dissonance. Most of the dissonance is prepared and resolved “properly.”  However in the last section at the end of the three part texture there are three successive unprepared and unresolved gnarly sonorities. Though they are not proper or expected, the rub they create is dissipated when the lower parts re-enter. 

Do get to know the Dowland’s wonderful five part settings known as “The Seven Tears."
-- Roy Sansom
Play-along files synthesized and contributed by Roy Sansom.  Accompaniments are at 8' pitch, so the top line will sound best on tenor, second line on bass, etc. if available.

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No soprano 1 - you play soprano 1
No soprano 2 - you play soprano 2
No alto - you play alto
No tenor - you play tenor
No bass - you play bass
No. of Recorder Parts: 5
Difficulty: Moderate
Occasion: Any
Libraries: New Music for Recorder, Play-alongs
Date Added: 12/05/2020
Style: Neo-Renaissance/Baroque/Classical, Recorded Accompaniment