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Files a marier
By Giles Binchois (c. 1400 - 1467
Files a Marier composed by Gillis Binchois is a chatty piece. There are two soprano parts that are saying the same thing but a measure apart. Their parts are also entirely syllabic which means there is one musical note per syllable. I used two oboes on those parts and panned them to opposite sides so that, if you are listening in stereo, they are far left and far right. That all the instrument sounds are double reeds make the piece very yakky. The piece is in F and uses more B naturals than B flats which gives it an exotic Lydian modality. Do read the translation to understand why the piece sounds so, lacking a better word, annoying.
-- Roy Sansom
Play-along files synthesized and contributed by Roy Sansom.  Accompaniments are at 8' pitch, so the top line will sound best on tenor, second line on bass, etc. if available.

Listen to all parts
No soprano 1 - you play soprano
No soprano 2 - you play soprano
No tenor - you play tenor
No bass - you play bass

Slower, with metronome
No. of Recorder Parts: 4
Difficulty: Easy
Occasion: Any
Libraries: Play-alongs
Date Added: 12/03/2020
Style: Recorded Accompaniment, Renaissance/Baroque/Classical