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Love in the Time of COVID-19
Solo C or F instrument (both versions included in PDF).
This piece was offered as a "thank you" to ARS members and friends for Thanksgiving 2020, with the following message:

Thank you.
It’s impossible to say it often enough, emphatically enough, or in enough different ways. The American Recorder Society, which provides a supportive community for all who value the recorder and its music, would not exist without your generosity. In this time of pandemic, we particularly want to:
  • Thank you for joining the American Recorder Society.
  • Thank you for learning Zoom and adapting to virtual chapter meetings.
  • Thank you for attending virtual workshops and concerts.
  • Thank you for learning to play the recorder online.
  • Thank you for being passionate about playing the recorder.
  • Thank you for your generous donations that support ARS programs and grants.
And so we want to thank you with a special gift. Boston composer and recorder player Melika Fitzhugh has very graciously agreed to share her solo piece Love in the Time of COVID-19 with the American Recorder Society. It’s a haunting, meditative work that speaks of longing, loss, and hope, and there are versions suitable for C or F recorder. We hope you enjoy Melika’s music.
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